About underlost.xyz

Welcome to underlost.xyz, a nimble development studio spearheaded by me, Tyler Rilling, former lead developer at Wildern. Before my time at Wildern, I made my mark in numerous startups across various industries, including medical, hospitality, and social platforms.

So, why underlost.xyz?

The handle "underlost" has been my digital alter-ego for over two decades. Unique and nearly as recognizable as my real name, it's a testament to my creative spirit. I embarked on my development journey at a young age, authoring WordPress tutorials and building thriving online communities.

One of my earliest ventures was ULost Hosting (a condensed version of my username), launched in the early 2000s. There, I supported thousands of users, creating a strong foundation for my future endeavors.

Over the years, I've ventured through diverse settings, from expansive corporations to intimate agencies. My roles have been just as varied: web developer, UX designer, 3D level designer, SEO strategist, and social media planner. As I launch my own agency, it feels fitting to retrace my roots and return to the original username that set everything in motion.

Welcome to underlost.xyz, a culmination of my journey, expertise, and passion. Let's create something remarkable together.

underlost™ is copyright © Tyler Rilling 2001 - 2024. All rights reserved. ❤️